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Frank S.

I am from phoenix arizona and have a place on the beach in mexico so cuban cigars are as easy to get down there as anything else and are consistently very good. Im in Kauai with my daughter for her graduation and read an article on your company on the plane, and was of course intrigued and had to try one. To say I was skeptical is an understatement, especially after i saw the price. Nonetheless…..Fantastic. I would put your cigars up against anything I have had from cuba or anywhere else in the world. Whatever you are doing… certainly seem to be doing it right. My compliments.

— Frank S.

Jason D., Los Angeles, CA

I read highly praising comments from other customers in your company’s literature in the shop in Lihue with a mix of hesitation and skepticism but after enjoying just one of your Dark Island Prince Momona cigars, I would put it up against and beyond any cigar I have ever smoked.

— Jason D., Los Angeles, CA

Bryan, S, San Diego, CA

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a store in oahu that was selling your cigars. I bought a momona dark and had a large cup of kona coffee and was instantly in disbelief. I could not believe the cigar I was smoking, from a small company I had never heard of; was the BEST cigar I had ever smoked… EVER!!! I have smoked many cohiba, punch, fonseca, etc. habanos. Opus x, rocky patel decade, 1926 padron 1964, etc the list goes on and on. Your dark habano 2000 cigar is honestly an unbelievable experience.

My father  has smoked thousands of cigars in his day and I was so excited to give it to him as if to say “wait until you smoke this cigar from Kauai, I found this cigar and its the best ever”. He smoked the first third in my car and turned to me and said “This is one of the greatest cigars I have ever smoked in my life”. I will be anxiously awaiting your new releases in the years to come. keep up the outstanding work.

— Bryan, S, San Diego, CA

Richard, Louisville, Kentucky

What a product! The construction, the draw, the voluminous smoke, the complexities of flavor-all world class. Did I detect a hint of sweet trade winds in the smoke? I am a big fan of Litto Gomez and his LG & La Flora Dominicana cigars, as well as the Diamond Crown Maximus line, but think that now I have found an equally tasty and pleasurable match in your offerings. I’ll sure be ordering more soon through Coffeetimes and spreading the word here in Kentucky

— Richard, Louisville, Kentucky

Jordan B., Ottawa, Canada

My wife recently visited Maui and purchased a single dark cigar in an individual box and brought it back to Canada for me. I tried the cigar this past Saturday, and may I say that it was the most balanced, mild, pleasant and perfect smoke I have ever had, and I have sampled many cigars from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and mainland U.S.A.

The temperature, taste, and finish was excellent and consistent throughout. A true pleasure to smoke.

— Jordan B., Ottawa, Canada