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Island Prince

Island Prince

These Kauai cigars are the result of growing, curing, fermenting, aging, and hand rolling some of the finest tobacco in the world. Our cigars contain premium, all natural, Sun Grown Kauai Filler Tobacco, and contain no synthetic additives for flavor.


Our Kauai tobacco is wrapped in a Connecticut shade leaf grown in Ecuador. This silky cream like cigar has a medium to full bodied taste.


Our Kauai tobacco is wrapped in a dark Habano leaf grown in Nicaragua. It is a full bodied smoke and is filled with deep complex flavors.

Available Sizes

Kohala 43 x 6 1/2
Bumboocha 52 x 6 1/8
Nui Loa 60 x 6
Momona 50 x 5 3/4
Laka 42 x 5
Luana Iki 46 x 4 1/2
Iki 32 x 4 3/16

Kohala is named after Jon Adams who owns Mother’s Antiques and Fine Cigars on the Big Island of Hawaii. Jon is a life long cigar aficionado, and has lived in Hawi, North Kohala for many years with his wife Dixi. They are active community members, and Jon is often referred to by locals as, “The Unofficial Mayor of Kohala”.

Bumboocha is a slang term used in Hawaii for the big one. This name was inspired by cigar aficionado, Joe Hilton., Joe owns Honolulu’s number one cigar shop, Cigar Cigar.

Momona means Sweet and Fat in Hawaiian.

Luana Iki means short pause for pleasure in Hawaiian.

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