I was lucky enough to stumble upon a store in oahu that was selling your cigars. I bought a momona dark and had a large cup of kona coffee and was instantly in disbelief. I could not believe the cigar I was smoking, from a small company I had never heard of; was the BEST cigar I had ever smoked… EVER!!! I have smoked many cohiba, punch, fonseca, etc. habanos. Opus x, rocky patel decade, 1926 padron 1964, etc the list goes on and on. Your dark habano 2000 cigar is honestly an unbelievable experience.

My fatherĀ  has smoked thousands of cigars in his day and I was so excited to give it to him as if to say “wait until you smoke this cigar from Kauai, I found this cigar and its the best ever”. He smoked the first third in my car and turned to me and said “This is one of the greatest cigars I have ever smoked in my life”. I will be anxiously awaiting your new releases in the years to come. keep up the outstanding work.